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Château Frontenac, Québec.
Dans le cadre de mon travail, je dois écrire un texte pour vendre le Québec à de jeunes Brittaniques agés entre 18 et 30 ans. S'il-vous-plaît, dites moi si je devrais ajouter quelque chose ou en enlever. Donnez vos suggestions. Merci à l'avance.

Quebec is considered the European province of Canada. Some guides books even describe it as being Europe is little daughter. French is the official language however, in all     the major towns and touristic sites English is widely spoken you should have no problem getting by.

Its capital is Quebec City, where you will see the “Assemble National” and all the other government buildings. The old part of the city is the only walled city on the continent north of Mexico and offers a great deal of pubs and restaurant suitable for all kind of budget. You can also visit the “Chateau Frontenac”, one of the most photographed buildings in the country. One of the most popular times to visit the town is February where the winter carnival is taking over all the main areas. Beware the weather can be as low as -30C.

Montreal's Grand-Prix, Qc.
The biggest city of the province is Montreal, also one of the three metropolises of Canada. Montreal is renown for is festive attitude and passion for hockey, if your in town on one of the 82 nights a year where the “Canadiens” is playing do not hesitate on going in one of the many pubs in downtown to take part of this bustling atmosphere. A good time to pass by is in the summer, the warm weather bring along the F1 race of Canada in June. You than have the biggest Jazz festival in North America, followed by the “Francopholie” dedicated to French music, the MUTEK festival for the Electro music lovers and the last but not least the Just for laugh festival that offers comic performances in both French and English with international stars.

Montreal, Qc.
The city is build around the Mount Royal, Montreal’s biggest park. Adored by joggers and cyclist the mountain offer a lot of activities, soon as the weather allows it, every Sunday you’ll have the Tam-Tam, where all the hip crowd assemble to jam some music, play some ball games and Frisbee. However if the sound of the Tam-Tam does not make you vibe, you can head towards the “île St-Hélène” where at the same time; you will have the “Picnic Électronique”. An electro version of the Tam-Tam that definitely build its reputation over the last few years, check their calendar for the international events. Right next to the picnic, on the same island, you will find “La Ronde”, one the biggest theme park in the country that hosts the international firework competition every Saturdays during the summer. If you feel lucky, go the opposite direction and head towards the Montreal Casino.

Whenever you are hungry, the “Plateau” area is a very good option. A small area right next to the Mount Royal contains restaurants and bars that offer international food and great atmosphere. If you want to stay in the known grounds head towards the old town also know as the “Old Port”, where you will have more pub kitchen options and American restaurant type.

Rocher Percé, Gapésie, Qc.
If you’re tired of the city environment and need bigger mountain than the Mount Royal jump on a bus or hire a car and go north. About three hours later, you will find the biggest outdoor resort of Quebec: Mount Tremblant, where in the winter you can have amazing ski thrills and some mountain biking in the summer. If you do not know how to ride a bike, no worries, simply drive longer and stop at Lac St-Jean where you can do some kayaking in the majestic fjord while doing some whale watching at the same time. Want to see more whales? Ok! Stop at Tadoussac, one of the very popular stop on the Whale Route, you will find lots of package suitable once again for all the budgets.

If you do not feel like going back to the city just yet, continue your route east and go to “Gaspésie”. Where you will see the famous “Rocher Percé”, practise your fishing skills and get some quiet time. Once you will be recharged with your BUNAC energy, go do some hiking in the adventurous “Chic-Chocs” park or in across the “International Appalachian trails”.

Quebec in numbers:

  • Population in 2006: 7 536 131
  • Area: 1 542 056 sq km / 595 391 sq mi
  • Population in Montreal: 3 635 171
  • Native French speaker: 5 877 660

Take a look at that website list to help you organize a fantastic journey across the land of Quebec:
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